A Green Gift To Restaurant Business; Eco Friendly Cups

eco friendly cups

Now is probably the best time for everyone to walk the talk and adopt green-ways of doing business. At a time when the planet is facing a pandemic of a scale, which has left no single country unaffected, gives everyone time to ponder upon how we conduct with our planet.  There are industries which need to step and find reasonably substitute for plastic and all other non-compostable materials. The restaurant industry should be among the top which should come forward first. For restaurant industry eco friendly cups are available at a very economical price.

Products that make business sense

The best thing is that now we have resources, technology and products which give you an offer to do safe and sustainable business. As the saying goes, “charity begins at home” no enterprise wants to take a risk by compromising their sustainability. The reason it had to be a collaborative effort of all the players in the supply chain. Now many players are offering compostable products. The eco friendly cups are a testament to that. You can get these cups without any branding. You can customise them as you wish. All of this is available ata price lower than plastic. So you are getting products which make business. When the products in the supply chain make sense, your business also makes sense. All you need is willingness and awareness to switch to compostable products. There’s absolutely nothing else hindering you to adopt these new ways of doing business.

eco friendly cups

The products

The products are available in all shapes and sizes. These cups do look inferior to conventional plastic cups in any way. They have a shiny matte finish which makes the branding look even more beautiful. They are available in a variety of patterns, colours and styles. Also, if you partner with the vendor for branding, they will facilitate free shipping.

Comprehensive efforts for the positive change

There is no meaning in making half-hearted efforts, if you don’t hit the finish line, you don’t win. The same applies to the battle the planet earth is fighting with the human race. If we have to support its fight, we have to make comprehensive efforts. That’s what vendors manufacturing and marketing these eco-friendly cups are doing. They are clinical in their efforts. All they want and desire the dedication and will from the market. The market and consumer have to show the resolve, that’s when this shift is possible.

The vendors are using soy-ink for print and marketing purpose. The ink is as biodegradable as the products are. So, they are ticking all the boxes. If markets adopt the change; the real change is not far away.