Explain the correct process to put a face mask on your face

Oregon Face Masks

Facemask acts as a preventing tool to stop spreading the flu and viruses. They are designed in such a way that covers from the up of the nose to chin. It ties at the back of the head or loop of the ears with the help of bands. There are different types of facemasks are available in the market. Facemasks are designed with attractive colors that give a cool look to the person. All must buy only approved masks from the government. It has many uses for people. It helps in decreasing the spread of viruses. In a contagious disease, the virus spread through a sick person’s cough, talk, and sneeze. The droplets that come out from the mouth are responsible for the spreading of the disease. Facemasks can reduce the germs so that many people get protected from the spread disease. It saves the nose and mouth of the person from harm who wears it. You should consider the mask to wear when you think that you are getting infected through the flu or any viruses that harm other people. Also in the condition when you think there are a few people around you who may be infected from the virus or flu. Many companies manufacture different types of masks. Oregon Face Masks are very protective for the people they are all handmade products. Wearing a mask in the right way is also necessary for our protection otherwise you are not safe despite wearing it. Let take a look at how to put a face mask on our face:

Oregon Face Masks

  1. Before touching the mash first you should wash your hand properly with soap or sanitize it.
  2. Takeout the mask from its place and check that there is no hole or crack into it from any side.
  3. Check the upward portion of the mask. That side which has a wide edge is generally the top of the mask. You can also know by checking the shape of the nose.
  4. Take the mask into the hand so that its front remains at the outer side of the face. Generally, the outer side of the masks is colorful or it has some print, quotes, or chain.
  5. There are different kinds of the mask created some are created with the use of ear loops some has ties, some have bands or some are created for the full face. Check the kind of your mask and wear it according to it.
  6. At your nose mold or pinch the cloth of mask.
  7. The bottom of the mask must cover the mouth and chin of your face.
  8. Similarly when you remove the mask first wash your hand and then take it out.