Reasons Why a Company Need Secretarial Services


The first stages of creating a business are undoubtedly the most difficult. Imagine all the preparations and brainstorming that you need to go through to make a reliable business plan, not to mention all the requirements and documentation that you need to fulfill to ensure a smooth start. Companies cannot afford to be fit at this time, so they need to hire company secretarial services, especially for this purpose.

Why need a company secretary

For new companies, playing the role of a company secretary is not as important as saying, linking with good connections to ensure company stability. Companies are more concerned about renting a business than hiring critical people in the early stages of registration. Why spend money on initial recruitment if you can do the work yourself and direct the budget to more pressing issues such as marketing and promoting your new business? This is reasonable, of course. However, the fact is that when you are a beginner, you can expect many legal requirements before your business operations begin. One of these requirements is to ensure that you have a company secretary who has already been with the company for six months after joining.

Reality in the Business Industry

Although the company secretary does not bear such great responsibility as the other main stakeholders in the company, this is a crucial role that serves as a link for business collaboration and tax advisory hong kong. The importance of having one should not be neglected, and non-compliance with this requirement may result in more specific fines or other fines. In addition to being a legal requirement, the company secretary is responsible for the business and operational needs of the company (agendas for meetings and unofficial meetings, transactions, and company documentation), as well as for its legal obligations and financial obligations.

For this reason alone, a startup company should be meticulous when it comes to hiring the right person for the position of the company secretary. Hiring corporate services hong kong firms is the best direction to ensure that this vital role is performed following the law without compromising efficiency and experience. The business environment is as dynamic as it is competitive. If you are a beginner, making his way in the industry, it is reasonable to surround yourself with suitable people with whom you will cooperate to make sure that you are on the right path to business success.

A partnership with a company providing corporate secretarial services is encouraged so that a startup can effectively implement, maintain, and implement good corporate governance practices. The secretarial service, designed to handle all of these requirements, ensures that the startup complies with strict government regulations.


It is easy to imagine that any company employee can fulfill these requirements to save on recruitment. The fact is that having a team of experts as a competent and established corporate secretarial service does not allow a startup to make any oversights that usually occur when there is no special company secretary who would carry out this work.