Your Finances Grow With Ease In A Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan


When you think of the future, it is always about the financial stability that we worry about. Saving is something you need to develop to prepare for any good or bad incidents that life has in hold for you. Being prepared is the best thing you can do to lead a secure future. A guaranteed savings insurance plan is the best way to get your savings started.

The key features of a guaranteed savings insurance plan

  • You get an average interest rate of 2.6% per annum
  • You have guaranteed savings and flexible withdrawals
  • You can fully withdraw your funds by surrendering your policy before the policy ends
  • You can withdraw your funds at no charge
  • You have guaranteed the entire policy term with daily crediting interest

So this plan gives you a great way of saving your money and reaching your financial goals.

When you have a savings mentality, it is good to look for plans that can give you good returns and an easy way to withdraw your savings when the need arises, even if the policy term is not finished.

Usually, when you withdraw before the policy ends, you have to pay an extra withdrawal fee, but in savings plan hong kong, you can get your savings back at any time without any withdrawal charge even if your policy has not ended.

Guaranteed savings insurance plan

Know more about the plan 

Here are a few more details of the plan that is going to help you grow your saving with ease:

  • The policy currency is in US dollars
  • The issue age for the policy is 18 to 65 years
  • The entire policy benefit term is five years
  • It is a single payment premium plan
  • You can avail this policy till 70 years of age
  • The minimum premium amount per policy is USD 4000
  • The maximum premium amount of the single premium is 250,000
  • Once you opt for this plan, you cannot change it to any other plan
  • You cannot partially withdraw your amount; if you want to withdraw, you have to do it in full
  • If you are surrendering your policy, you get 100% of the account value
  • In case of death, it is 101% of the account value

Apart from this, if there is a cause of the accidental death of a life-assured individual, an extra 100% of the account value will be provided in addition to the death benefit.

The things that are not covered 

If the life assured death is due to suicide within the first year of the policy, you cannot avail of the death benefit but can get a 100% account value.

The accidental death benefit will not be payable to an individual who participates in a professional, semiprofessional sport, and if the death occurs when practicing, training, or competing, you cannot avail of the death benefit.

Save wisely

You can invest your savings in a guaranteed savings insurance plan and increase your wealth with ease.