Education and it’s importance to special child

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Education plays a vital role in personality development and strengthens the mental status of the children. But children with disabilities are unable to learn quickly as normal children. For such a special child there are some educational institutions like special education singapore providing special care for those children

What is special child?

Children with developmental disabilities, psychological problems, medical conditionsbehaviour problems and congenital problems are considered as a special child. These special childrenrequire personal attention to meet their potentials. Special children can’t reach their milestones food requirements activities and exercises. A special child requires complete attention towards them as they can’t express their inner feelings. Education for that special child is a challenging one and it is successfully made into implementation by some education institutions. They train a special child with professionally trained tutors.

special education singapore

Types of special child

  1. A special child with mental problems

A special child with mental problems has different problems like anxiety and depression. These children have to be monitored continuously as they won’t express themselves. Care must be taken towards them and proper diagnosis and medical professional to treat. Parents have to make the right choice towards their therapy and their medication

  1. A special child with developmental problems

Diseases like autism, down syndrome, come under the child with developmental problems. These problems make the child completely out of the mainstream of education. Parents should immediately consult the related doctor for the needful treatment of the child.

  1. A special child with behaviour problems

Children with this type of problems may behave aggressively or showa confusing state of my mind. These children are specially treated by the proper communication between the child and teacher unless they will create problems for the other people. Parents should be handy and helpful to this type of child. A positive approach towards them may change their behaviour.

  1. A special child with learning issues

Children with difficulty in learning and reading and also with auditory related problems come under this category. Auditory problems can be treated by hearing aids and other visual aids. These children struggle in their academics irrespective of their intellectual abilitythese children require special learning methods and strategies to meet the child needs andtheir potentiality.

Educating a special child is a tough task and complete attention is needed to educate them.  By taking care and proper guidance we can teach special child easily.