car check

The term vehicle inspection means testing a vehicle to check its performance by using various parameters like by checking the gears if it is a gear vehicle, and by checking all the other parameters and assuring a certificate stating that this vehicle is ready to move on roads with complete safety measures. This operation is done by government authorities as well few government affiliated authorities in order to check the road safety measures and keep their public safely and also by posting few slogans like drive slow drive safe like that. One among the vehicles car has it’ s own prominence as many individuals of every region have their own cars so it would be their responsibility to have a car check for every periodical time as it would be easy for them and also the responsibility of the citizen of that region to follow the government rules and do as they say because its for the public benefit only. According to world health organization it is said that less than 80% of public are following the rules, so it is our primary responsibility to abide to some rules so that they might help us in protecting us and our family.

Now a days insurance companies are also passing a rule that each and every vehicle should under go inspection of the vehicles then only they would be giving the insurance to the vehicle, otherwise they might directly reject the vehicle, this is majorly done because now a days we are seeing a lot many accidents happening in the present society.

car check

Few Steps of inspection of the vehicles:

Here are the few steps involved in vehicle inspection they are as follows:

  1. Firstly collect the details of the vehicle and it’s owner’s details.
  2. Then the vehicle inspectors would check for all the details of the same by checking the originality and also they use few equipment for detect any fault age in the vehicle.
  3. After the second step the inspectors would check for the exhaust emissions that would come out from the vehicle, they would issue a rating accordingly, if it was below some percentage which was regulated by the government of that region then their vehicle inspection is not cleared, else they get a clear chit of inspection stating that the vehicle is eligible to move on roads.
  4. After this process few vehicle registration companies would then issue the vehicle license.