What Are The Various Packages Offered To Handyman Packages In Simpsonville, Sc


Customers are offered handyman services and full-service maintenance that are customized to the homeowner’s individual needs. This article will tell you more about the handyman packages in simpsonville, sc available to help you in every step you take.

You do not have to do anything yourself! 

People in this day and age too often desire to reject the time needed to maintain their respective houses and other important projects in between due to lack of time and their super busy lives.

You do not have to do anything yourself, instead take the entire burden off you and let a handyman assist you in every way possible. With the acceptance of such away, you can free up time for yourself to do things that you love more. You will also possess the peace of mind that a professional handyman is there to execute all the tasks for you.

Full household maintenance and its ingredients 

A full household maintenance package generally includes the following visits:


  • Clean kitchen and sinks
  • Disposal cleaning
  • Blade sharpening
  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Mitigation of insect problems
  • Changes of A/C filters
  • Cleaning sinks
  • Toilet plumbing traps to ensure a good flow of drainage
  • Service point inspection
  • Sink/ Tub/ toilet faucet operation inspection
  • Condensation of drainages
  • Drain pan cleaning


  • Inspecting plumbing for any leakages
  • Cleaning aerators in faucets
  • Checking caulking all around the showers and bathtubs
  • Looking out for repairs as and when needed
  • Testing carbon dioxide and smoke detectors
  • Testing garage doors for various safety features
  • Lubricating bearings on garage doors to maintain smooth operation
  • Cleaning gutters of houses
  • Inspecting and lubricating all the deadbolts and locks
  • Checking for water softeners
  • Tightening any knobs or loose handles


  • Operation test for water heater pressure relief valve
  • Drain the water heater to remove any buildup within tanks
  • Replacing all the smoke and carbon detector batteries
  • Vacuuming refrigerator coils to effectively save energy, the life of a fridge, and money
  • Inspecting the exteriors of a place
  • Performing all the maintenance as outlined in the inspection list of exteriors
  • Successfully replacing or repairing damaged window screens
  • Inspecting roof
  • Cleaning all the dryer vents, kitchen exhaust hood, and bathroom exhaust fans

With handyman packages in simpsonville, sc, you can now save all those pesky assignments and projects by setting them aside. You can enjoy the professional services of a handyman who can execute any project you wish to get done. Why waste time when you have someone carrying out any operation for you?