Why You Need Delta-8: The One and Only Product for Natural Gut Health?


Delta-8 is a potent opiate analgesic, presumably selective for the mu receptor. It is used as an active ingredient in smoking mixtures. The drug was first synthesized by CURE Pharmaceutical Company of San Francisco, California around 1984. Delta 8 onlinerefers to naloxone without the methyl group at position 6 which makes it behave like morphine rather than its antagonist naloxone. Some researchers believe that the methyl group instead of leaving via oxidation might actually be metabolized back into an OH-group which enhances binding to opioid receptors due to hydrogen bonding. This means the removal of this methyl group would increase potency and reduce respiratory depression offered by naloxone compared to morphine although not necessarily more effective pain relief.

In comparison to morphine, the effects of delta-8 are said to be less euphoric and sedating but more potent with a lower LD50. In one experiment which involved testing analgesia in the tail-flick test at different doses in mice, delta-8 was found to have an ED50 value of only 0.10 mg/kg compared to 0.30 for morphine (3). Another study involving rats showed that naloxone had 5-6 times increased analgesic effect when administered orally rather than intraperitoneal which is attributed partly by its poor water solubility whereas delta-8 has good solubility in both water and lipids.

Although delta-8 lacks euphoric qualities, it still possesses the potential for addiction and has been shown to block morphine-induced place preference in rats. This is evidenced by some reports of addicts using the drug recreationally while others report using it as replacement therapy. However, delta-8 seems less likely than other opioids to cause respiratory depression and therefore might be safer in overdose compared to heroin and fentanyl.

The reason why there are so few studies involving delta-8 is that it only became readily available around 2009 after the ban on research chemicals was lifted. The reports available seem very promising even though they are limited. I have personally spoken to an individual who has used delta-8 both orally and sublingually with good results but that does not mean that this drug should be used without caution.

Tolerance has been reported in some cases but this could simply be due to poor experimental design using it at high doses, the potential for this is probably less than with other opioids and for easier Direct buy delta 8 online shopping. Therefore, I would suggest starting any new opioid at low doses and gradually working your way up every few days according to tolerance. Although delta-8 seems safer compared to most other opioids in overdose, the LD50 in rodents has not been determined so there may still be a risk of death especially if used in combination with depressants such as alcohol or benzodiazepines.