The best and highly recommendable home theatre.


In present generation and latest technology there are different types of electronic gadgets and home appliances which are available with very good and helpful features which make work easy for people. There are many home appliances which are being used by everyone on present day-to-day life. One of such a branded product is bnw. Here everything which is available is made of latest technology and is of high use. So here comes the best home theatre which is BNW ACOUSTICS LR-60 home theatre system. This is very good and essential product which is being used by everyone and has the best features when compared to others.

Home theatre is a common thing which everyone uses in regular basis. So here comes the best home theatre system which is very good and should be preferred as first hand when compared to others. This package comes with 6-piece HT Speaker package and the sound that will be produced from this home theatre is very precise and also with very much clarity. This BNW ACOUSTICS LR-60 be used while playing music and also music and this gives you a feeling of watching in theatre itself. There will be no noise mixed with the sounds being produced.


  • The total system output power is about 2000 watt.
  • It is 5.1 channel compatible devices.
  • Driver comes with a long throw-Pure Bass Driver.
  • Audio cables are very premium.
  • It is compatible with both smart phone and also MP3.
  • The colour of this device is elegant black.
  • This is a HD compatible device.
  • It is very good and highly preferable for home or professional use.

This LR-60 home theatre includes a 2-1/2’’ mid and also tweeter satellites both front and the surroundings.  So here the voice which is produced will be with dual mids for a clear dialogue and also has a high-impact on screen special effects. These speakers set beautifully and elegantly at any place in house and give a perfect look for home too. The speaker at the front and rear includes brackets for all the wall mounting. The centre channel speaker comes with an adjustable rear foot that allows you to fix or position this system at the top of your TV/HDTV perfectly.  All the six speakers will work together every time so that, seamless sound experience will be created all over the place where they are being used. They work perfectly with multi-channel music too.