You can study ahead even if you are a single mother

You can study ahead even if you are a single mother

There are many single mothers who had to leave their education because of no funds in their kitty. All the more they do not only have to take care of themselves however they also have to take care of her child as well, with no support at all. To do so she work extra apart from her regular shift timings, try to reduce her expenses in order to take care of the child and ensure that the child must not face any kind of problem and must get good education. For such moms, there are many schemes that government has introduced. There are grants for single mothers which she can avail and can complete her studies along with her work.

There are many federals that support single mothers who are from low income family and are single mother to take care of the child as well. These companies help them to return these mothers back to school or college for their further studies and these companies may corporate or nonprofit agencies. The mother does not have to even repay this money back to these agencies; however it is mandatory for the mother to complete her studies. These funding directly goes to the school or college that the mother is opting for. There are different kinds of grants for single mother are available depending on her conditions. The amount of grants may vary from person to person; the amount can even be changed from year to year as well. Not only this, there are some universities which offers good discount on the fees of such single mothers.

grants for single mothers

 There are certain eligibility criteria’s that a mother has to qualify in order to get grants for single mothers for her further education, She has to verify that she is a single mother and head of family and demonstrating that there is a dependent that she take care of and the dependent is below the age of 18 years, also have to prove your monthly income that should state that you are not in condition to take care of both of you and cannot study further because of funding issues. There are various kind of grants for single mothers are available like Grants for single moms: this is basically a grant where a mother get a scholarship for her higher studies, a mother can complete her degree in two years than doing it in four year program. The other one is general grants for single mothers: This is a grant offered to single parent who are economically challenged, one has to qualify the eligibility criteria to opt for this grant.

For such single mothers student loan has always been an option to be opted for, however paying off the same becomes very difficult for such mothers. Just to overcome this economical burden, there are companies who started grants for single mothers.