Interior Designing -Tips for Beginners

Interior designing

The world of interior designing can be overwhelming looking at the colour schemes, patterns, walls etc. However, with few basic principles of Interior Design, giving that much wanted makeover to your home or designing a space for your client can be much simpler.

There are interior design companies that cater to just homes and some to office. The Best office design company transforms the entire space in an office to make it more attractive and exceptional.

There are a few tips that all interior designers as beginners can keep in mind to jump start their designing career.

Spend carefully

Diving into the world of interior designing can get really overwhelming with so many options to choose from. However, it is wise to spend carefully only on things that will be your best bet. A bed or a couch are the large elements in a space that can draw most attention so spend your money on these. The gaps can be filled with getting accents and other DIY decorating ideas.


Having proper lighting in a space can brighten up the whole space and bring it to life. Having windows for natural light is the most basic. Apart from this floor lamps, lights over the head and accent lights are things to be considered when thinking of lighting of a particular space. A great tip is to keep the walls and furniture light to give small spaces the illusion of bright and big.

Interior designing


While the focus really being the bigger things like the bed and couch is a great idea, the importance of accent pieces should not be neglected. The right accent pieces can make the space look really personalised. For instance, the shelves can be filled with books and other decorative. The coffee tables and consoles should all be put into considerations when personalizing the design and decor.

Furniture Placement

The natural instinct of anybody would be to push the furniture to the wall, which makes the space look flat and boring. Keep the large pieces of furniture a little away from the walls. This will let it breathe and bring in more freshness and lift up the decor. So it is a great tip to make your space stand out.


The liveability of the design is the most important especially if it is a home setting. Along with making the space look gorgeous the functionality also has to be kept in mind. If you are doing your own home, don’t go overboard imitating the designs you see online or in showrooms. Homes need to be more practical and functionality should be the priority.

Space planning and architecture are all part of formal training in professional Interior designing. You get hands on knowledge, though only when you start practicing and experimenting with different genres of designing. With the right kind of experience and with time, it is not too difficult to ace your profession.Learning is a process and it is the key to succeed in interior designing like in any other profession.