The iMovie for Windows That No One Is Talking About


iMovie is a video editing program that comes default in apple computers. It’s a well-built video editing program that anyone that owns an Apple can access and use for free. Some of its main strengths are its ease of use, extra special effects, studio-quality titles, HiFi filters and simplified soundtrack integration to make the most amazing videos of your life. Casey Neistat’s  first computer was an iMac and it had a video editing software that helped shape his career today.

There’s a good reason why people love Apple computers and it is not just because of its elegance, or beautiful. If that is the only thing that you fancy there are many computers out there that are as beautiful or elegant but at a much lower price. For some people, it has to be the dedicated software that is built around every apple device like the iMovie. For Windows users, this is a thing of envy that drove some to buy an Apple computer.

Are there cracked movies out there? The fact is that there is a cracked iMovie software for Windows (so as their developers have claimed). Currently, there has been no proven or popular cracked iMovie program for Windows, thus the best thing for you if you really want to get that iMovie experience and functionality is by buying an Apple computer. If you don’t want to go to that route, there are actually iMovie for Windows alternatives that you can explore.

The alternative: You might not get an iMovie on your Windows (for safety reasons), but there are actually good alternatives that you can try online. They don’t exactly function as an iMovie does, but the concept and functions are there that you can certainly explore on. Even people that have tried iMovie can even confirm that the alternatives are indeed good alternatives!

Why you should try it out: You should try it out because it’s the best thing that you can get if you really want an iMovie in your Windows. It’s easy and any person can make videos of almost anything with it. If you’re still a skeptic, they actually offer a free 7 days trial for you to try out whether or not you will like the service that they are offering.

iMovie is probably the best video editing software to date and that has been one of the main reasons why many people are still buying Apple computers. It is easy, fun and will make any amateur a professional in a short amount of time. The only issue is that it’s only available on iMac computers and not on Windows (which is a total bummer). Luckily there are alternatives that you can check out.